• Karin Wilson Edmonds

Your Yoga Toolkit For Stress Relief Is Now Available

Your "Yoga Toolkit For Stress Relief" is now available!

What a nutso year 2020 has been! And the holiday season can be stressful for lots of people.

I created this yoga toolkit for stress as I know yoga, including its emphasis on mindful breathing and meditation, is so great at relieving stress and releasing tension from the body.

This Toolkit is also a great introduction to yoga as it's a gentle practice accessible to all levels including beginners - no yoga experience necessary!

Plus, If you have joint pain, I've developed this Toolkit with you in mind - all movements are slow and controlled.

Here's the link to purchase: https://bit.ly/39urYzg

Your Yoga For Stress Relief Toolkit will include four things:

• A 60 minute gentle yoga practice focused on stress relieving postures and sequences

• A 30 minute gentle yoga practice also focused on stress relieving postures and sequences

• A short guided meditation to help you to relax

• A short breathing practice to help you to use your breath to release stress and tension from your body

• + BONUS material

You can choose any item from the toolkit depending on how much time you have and what your needs are.

I really wanted you to have the most effective stress relieving tools I could possibly create! I know from personal experience, they work.

The cost of the full Yoga Toolkit For Stress Relief is US$29.00.

But the special introductory price is US$19.50 if you purchase before December 30th.

I know this Yoga Toolkit For Stress Relief will help you to manage your stress and anxiety.

This offering is also available as a gift certificate so hit reply and let me know if you're interested in this option.

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