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People Are Loving My New Gentle Yoga For Joint Pain 4 Week Course 😁

I'm so happy that people who have tried my new 4 week online gentle yoga for joint and arthritis pain course seem to be loving it and really benefiting from it!

Here's what people are saying about the course:

"I highly recommend this course. I recently had the pleasure of doing Karin’s “10 Yoga Poses to Relieve Arthritis Pain” course although right off the top I must say that it was far more than 10 poses! Karin’s instructions are clear and easy to follow. I highly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in seeking relief from arthritis pain and stiffness." - Shawn L.

"I highly recommend this course to sufferers especially from Osteo-Arthritis. The segments are manageable and not at all daunting as the DAILY minimum activity you should aim for. - Velma P.

"I found the course very helpful. Although I don't have bad arthritis pain as I have exercised all my life, I benefited from the exercises. I think that a lot of people who have arthritis and who have stiff, tight joints can benefit from this course. As this can be done in the privacy of your home, there is no competition and one can go at their own pace." - Coral F.

Once you enroll in "10 Yoga Poses To Relieve Joint & Arthritis Pain" you receive access to 4 videos (approximately 20 minutes each) available to you one per week.

Here's the link to enroll: https://bit.ly/3iuk9vl

Each video demonstrates simple and easy yoga poses and sequences for you to follow along with that will help to relieve your joint pain and stiffness.

The weekly videos build on each other and include a short yoga sequence for you to practice each week.

Each week's video focuses on a different part of the body and joint pain hot spot (hands, spine, knees, hips.

Once you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to the videos.

The cost of the full course is US$49.00.

But the special introductory prices is US$39.00 if you enroll before September 30th.

Here's the link to enroll: https://bit.ly/3iuk9vl

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