• Karin Wilson Edmonds

I'm sharing 3 of my favourite things!

I've decided that this Christmas I'm going 100% local! 

Instead of enriching Amazon and Mailpac, I'm going to gift only local products and or services. I don't think I'll be doing too much "shopping" that involves me leaving the house this year. 

I've also decided to focus more on being "present" than giving a present!  This means spending more quality time with the people that mean a lot to me versus trying to find that perfect gift! 

So, in light of this, I'm sharing 3 of my favourite things to give you some creative local ideas if this idea resonates with you! 

1. Mel's Sticky Jams - how about a gift pack? 

Mels Sticky Jams are fruit jams made with 100% fresh Jamaican produce. They are vegan friendly and gluten free, with no preservatives. Flavours include Mango & Scotch Bonnet, Jackfruit & Rosemary, Pineapple & Ginger, Otaheite Apple and Chunk Strawberry. They are available at these local retailers: Uncorked 2 on Constant Spring Road, Uncorked in Montego Bay, CPJ Market and The Commissary at Devon House.  

IG: @mels_stickyjams

2. Not Jus' A Salad Food Delivery Service - how about gifting a week's supply of delicious and healthy lunches? 

Not Jus' a Salad is a super delicious and healthy food delivery service located in Kingston. They specialize in affordable and nutritious meals including both vegan and meat options.  As the name suggests, their offerings include not just salads but also wraps, stews, lasagnas, fish cakes, salad bowls, juices and deserts. 

IG: https://www.instagram.com/notjusasalad/

3. Little Craves Sweet Treats - everybody needs a little sweetness in their life! 

Little Craves are delicious bite sized treats to satisfy all your little craves! Made with love by Becca Younis and Sydney Wilson, two college kids stranded at home who wanted to start a business. These young ladies have been baking since they were little kids! Their offerings include Oreo Truffles, Triple Threat Brownies, Cheesecake Bars, Snickerdoodles and S'mores bars. All super yummy!!!

IG: https://www.instagram.com/littlecravesja/

Yes, all food! We all love good food! LOL.