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9 Ways Yoga Is Different From Other Forms of Exercise

In my Facebook live last week I talked about what makes yoga different to all other forms of exercise.

All kinds of movement is great for the body, but for me yoga is unique as it works on multiple levels!

Here's the link to my Facebook live for the full discussion:


Here's a summary of all the ways yoga is different:

1. Yoga is more than just physical postures.

The physical practice of yoga or Asana is just one of the 8 limbs of yoga. Yoga was originally intended to be a way of life and included mental, spiritual and physical elements.

2. Yoga connects body, breath, mind.

In the physical practice of yoga, we connect the postures/movements with our breath. This helps us to cultivate mindfulness and anchors us to the present.

3. The emphasis on an inward focus/mindfulness.

Yoga helps us to observe our thoughts, identifying our habitual thought patterns. We become aware of our self talk without judging ourselves. We begin to understand which thought patterns serve us and which do not.

4. Yoga is a practice.

There is no goal, no end point in the practice of yoga. There is no beginner/intermediate/advanced yoga.

5. It's your body, your yoga.

Yoga is meant to serve your body not your body serving yoga. It is a highly individualized practice. Everyone is different. Comparing yourself to others is not helpful.

6. Yoga helps us to manage our stress and anxiety.

Through our breath, our Pranayama practice, we become more relaxed, releasing stress and anxiety from the body.

7. Anybody can do yoga!

You don’t need to be young, fit, flexible, skinny or strong.

8. For some, yoga is a spiritual practice.

Originally the physical practice of yoga was meant to prepare the body for meditation, to connect to the divine.

9. Yoga works on multiple levels.

A regular practice of yoga makes us stronger, more flexible, more relaxed, more self aware. Each person comes to yoga with their own set of goals and gets out of it what they need.

So you see, so many ways yoga is different!

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