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7 Reasons Why The 50s Are Fabulous!

My "little" brother turned 50 this week and I turned 50 a few years ago. It got me thinking about how fabulous it is to be in our 50s.   We are fed constant hogwash from the mainstream media that being "young" is the ideal state of affairs. Here are my 7 reasons why it's fabulous to be in your 50s!

  1. You know a thing or two about a thing or two. 

  2. You're still young enough to do a thing or two. 

  3. You really don't care nearly as much about what other people think of you. As my brother says, "You run out of f*cks to give"! 

  4. You realize now is a great time to do what you always wanted to do. And even better, you now have the self confidence to just do it! 

  5. You're less judgemental of the mistakes of others, having 50 years experience of making plenty mistakes of your own.   

  6. You realize the real meaning of "good friends are better than pocket money", if you haven't already. 

  7. You realize that life really is about giving and receiving love. And just maybe, you're getting a bit better at both. 

What's on your list? 

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