• Karin Wilson Edmonds

3 Questions To Kickstart Your New Year!

These questions were shared with me by Sonita Abrahams from Afya Yoga Studios at a workshop she did last week called, "Transforming Adversity into Strength and Power For Our Path Ahead". The workshop was based on the premise that adversity is an essential component of growth. I suggest you use these questions as food for thought and jot down your responses. 1. What were your learnings and blessings from 2020? Think about things like

  • How did you react to Covid?

  • What did you learn about yourself (strengths, weaknesses)?

  • What was positive about 2020?

2. How do you know when your energy is being depleted/replenished? Think about things like

  • What makes you feel happy/sad?

  • What makes you feel inspired/discouraged?

3. What is your replenishing strategy? Think about things like

  • How do you take care of yourself?

  • What is your self care plan for 2021?

Lastly, how can I help you with your self care for 2021?

Would you like more community events? What topics interest you? Would you like virtual yoga retreats? Other ideas? Email me at karinyogalife@gmail.com and let me know what your dream product or service looks like?

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