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Finding Your Purpose - A Chat with Wood Artist, Tamara Harding

In my last Community Chat on IG Live I spoke with Tamara Harding, a Wood and Resin Artist, about how she found her purpose.

It was a fascinating discussion and she shared her process from how she went from running an advertising agency to becoming a full time wood and resin artist.

I think I said "wow" a million times in this conversation! LOL.

Here is Tamara's road map to finding your purpose:

  1. Ask the questions - If you feel that there is something else you should be doing. Ask the questions.

  2. Listen - Once you've asked the questions, you have to listen. Listen to that voice inside you telling you that you're meant to be doing something else. Many of us have an uneasy feeling that we're just not doing what it is that we're supposed to be doing. We don't feel satisfied with our current life. This is often a sign that we need to make a shift. Don't ignore this voice. Find some quiet time and listen. It will lead you.

  3. Make space - You have to clear the time and the space in your life to make room for what is to come. Can you take time off from your current life? Can you clear a few hours in the week to pursue what you feel you're being called to? Sometimes all that is necessary is to start small.

  4. Write a business plan - Be strategic in your planning. Plan it. Don't wing it.

  5. Be brave - Step out. Ignore the naysayers. Try whatever it is you feel you're being called to. You will find that you will discover where it is that you're meant to be.

  6. Have cheerleaders - Surround yourself with a tribe of supportive people that keep you going when you're feeling discouraged.

  7. Stay positive and grateful - Affirm. Believe it will be great!

Here are some pictures of Tamara's awesome work!

So be brave. Go for it!

You can find Tamara at @maramadedesigns

Here's the link to our full chat on Instagram:


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