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Turning Challenges Into Opportunities - My Chat With Life Coach, Helen MacMillan

In a recent Live IG Community Chat, I spoke with Helen MacMillan who is a Life Coach, a healer and a mentor of mine. I've known Helen for many years and have always been inspired by her commitment to self care and personal growth. The chat was educational, informative and inspiring as they always are with Helen! Below is a summary of the key points. What is a life coach and why do people hire one? A life coach is someone who helps you move through personal or professional challenges or transitions and helps you achieve your goals by helping you get out of your own way. For Helen MacMillan Coaching — I focus on building success from the inside out using intuition and finding what is true for each of my clients. Because when you are true to you — you live a life of joy and passion. We are talking about turning challenges into opportunities, can you explain what you mean by “challenges” and “opportunities"? A challenge is a task or situation which tests our abilities, and can create distress or frustration. It usually triggers a negative emotional response. An opportunity is a time or circumstance in which there is a new favorable possibility. What I have come to learn and teach is that in looking at the challenge with a different perspective that challenge can become a doorway for a possibility and thus everything serves. (I LOVE THAT IDEA OF EVERYTHING SERVES - KWE comment) As a life coach, how do you help your clients turn their life challenges into opportunities? I help my clients to identify their blind spots — the things they don’t see. Because the human mind is brilliant at creating conundrums and sophisticated defense mechanisms, I help my clients connect to their soul and show them with love and honesty how to take 100% responsibility for what they have created and that they can choose and choose again. What do you see as the big opportunities that the current COVID 19 pandemic presents? Any issues or problems that existed were already there, Covid has just amplified them. Many people have recognized how being at home more has given them the gift of spending more time with their families or that they have been able to slow down and do things that they enjoy doing. Being forced to stay at home also brings to light setting boundaries now that many are working from home and balancing schooling and work and leisure activities all at once. The biggest thing to take away from the pandemic is that just by being aware and paying attention to the positive changes that we have created we must not fall asleep. We can choose to create sustainable change by having a clear vision, creating a plan and taking consistent action. Other key take aways

What’s showing up in your life you manifested for some reason and you manifested it to teach you something

  • Why am I manifesting this and what do I need to learn? What is the gift here? It's the perspective that you need to change

  • A shift in one's perspective is extremely powerful

Here's the link to our full chat on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAwDpvTh0Qb/ You can reach Helen at helen@helenmacmillancoaching.

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