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Conscious Parenting Chat with Elena Lynch

Are your kids driving you crazy? If they are, it's understandable! We've all been under increased stress lately. And kids especially aren't used to being cooped up inside! Elena Lynch and I recently chatted about conscious parenting during my IG Live Community Chats. We talked about how to manage/cope with kids during this time. Elena is a Parenting Consultant and creator of "Blissful Mummy & Daddy" a blog and Facebook group that's dedicated to helping parents. Below are some of Elena's tips and suggestions. COVID coping mechanisms

  • Interject pockets of fun into your day. This can be an afternoon dance party!

  • Stick to your normal routine to ensure children feel a sense of calm. Routines are especially important to maintain during Covid to create stability.

  • Offer lots of extra hugs and kisses to make kids feel secure.

  • When they want to share, have a welcoming face and make an extra effort to listen to your kids.

  • Meditation, breathing, visualization techniques and yoga are extremely helpful tools for our children to learn how to calm down.

Suggested visualization practice When feeling unhinged imagine a fishbowl full of marbles swirling around. With every deep breath you’re able to slow the marbles down. Continue to breathe deeply and watch the marbles slow down to a complete standstill until you can see clearly through the fishbowl. Once you open your eyes you’ll feel calmer. You will feel more at peace and able to deal with what’s in front of you. Book recommendation Elena highly recommends that you check out Secrets Of The Baby Whisperer: How to Calm, Connect and Communicate with your Baby. For more information on Blissful Mummy & Daddy join their Facebook group and IG page. Elena offers coaching and guidance to parents. So reach out to her if you’re pregnant and want to get prepared for baby or if you’re already a parent and having routine or night waking issues. Here's the link to our full chat on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAeCCZbBDX7/ You can reach Elena via email at elenalynch1@gmail.com

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