• Karin Wilson Edmonds

Unwrapping Important Messages Hidden In The Covid-19 Crisis

Zonya Rodney, Mindful Living and Self Care Therapist shared about Mindfulness during our #StayHome Community Chat. We talked about what does mindfulness really mean? How can it help us right now to be more mindful? What can being more mindful right now teach us about ourselves? According to Zonya, "Mindfulness is the art of purposely paying full, curious and deliberate attention to whatever is happening as it is happening, without your automatic unexplored judgments or assumptions, or without trying to push it away". For me, one of the key takeaways from Zonya's sharing was that we often don't allow ourselves to feel the "negative" emotions, believing instead that only our positive emotions are to be experienced. However, all our emotions are part of the human experience. I know for me, forcing myself to "be positive" has always seemed to be the preferred path, as opposed to allowing myself to feel down, negative, angry, jealous, resentful or any of those other juicy negative emotions. I suppose we are all conditioned to "look on the bright" side. But not allowing ourselves to experience the dark side robs us of its gifts and benefits. If you'd like Zonya's full sharing, please email me and I'll send it to you. It's well worth reading in its entirety.

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