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5 Tips To Make Starting Your Yoga Practice Easy

This week I'm sharing five tips to make starting your home yoga practice easy! Now is a great time to commit to doing more yoga. Science tells us that spending just a few minutes in some type of mindfulness practice has healing benefits for our bodies, boosting our immune system. I must admit I'm a latecomer to a home yoga practice. I always had some reason why I couldn't fit yoga into my day - too busy, too tired, too something. A key strategy for starting a new habit is to make it easy, so easy it takes less than two minutes to do. I don't always do yoga everyday but pretty much everyday, first thing in the morning (after coffee ☺️) I find some time for quiet meditation and prayer. This practice has helped me in so many ways. It sets the tone for my day, keeps me more centered, grounded and peaceful as I go through my day. Here are five tips to make starting your yoga practice easy:

  1. Start with one pose - two minutes. Most of us can find two minutes! Think about what part of your body could use some yoga (love and attention) at whatever time you're doing it.

  2. After you've done one pose for a while (a week or so), add another. Create a two or three pose sequence that you do everyday.

  3. Create a small yoga sanctuary. It helps if you can leave your mat set out if you have one. Add some candles or whatever you like to make your space special.

  4. Commit to practicing the same time every day. You can do one or two yoga poses right before you go to bed, as you wake up or before lunch after you've been sitting for a while.

  5. Don't stress it! If you skip a few days, who cares! Just get back to it when you can!

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