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Surviving, Thriving & Reviving Your Spirit During Covid

Many of us are struggling with personal health fears, worrying about our family members, coping with financial uncertainty, having to change major plans/celebrations and give up our social activities. Working from home introduces new challenges - distractions, lack of structure, physical discomfort (think uncomfortable chairs), connectivity issues - to name a few. While we love our families, it's not easy to be stuck at home together all day, every day, especially with young kids! We are all feeling somewhat isolated. At our last #StayHome Community Chat Dr. Kathryn Fraser Ph.D., a licensed Psychologist with the Halifax Health Family Medicine Residency Program shared with us some strategies we can use to not just survive but thrive during these challenging times. Dr. Fraser recommends that we each develop a person wellness plan to help us cope using a "Biopsychosociospiritual" approach - a big word which just means a plan that incorporates our physical health, mental health, social support and spiritual needs. When developing your personal wellness plan, think about what you need to do for yourself in each of these areas. Dealing with kids at home all day can be particularly challenging. Dr. Fraser shared some tips for those with small children:

  • Have a daily routine

  • Vary activities - indoor, outdoor

  • Shorter activities for younger children

  • Keep perspective on schoolwork - won't be perfect

  • Allow them to express their anxiety

  • Set up different "work stations" for them

We all need to give ourselves a break and take it one day at a time. Here are a few more practical tips from Dr. Fraser on how to enjoy life during these times:

  • Breathe. Mindfully. Often.

  • Limit media exposure

  • Stay connected - texts, calls, Facetime, IG, etc.

  • Develop indoor hobbies (sewing, puzzles, crafts)

  • Keep a routine

  • Exercise or do movement everyday

  • Engage in spiritual/religious activities

  • Keep a gratitude journal

Dr. Kathryn Fraser

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