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So What Is Reiki And How Can It Help Me?

I'm studying to be a Reiki practitioner as I've always been fascinated by healing energy therapies. No one seems to be able to explain exactly how they work. But science shows they do work. They help people feel better. Healing energy therapies, like Reiki, are increasingly being incorporated into traditional healing regimes at well respected hospitals like the Mayo Clinic and the Cleveland Clinic in the US. I personally have experienced Reiki's healing power. So for this week's "one cool thing for your health", I'm sharing about Reiki - what is it and how it can help you. So what exactly is Reiki? According to our local Reiki Master, Stewart Maxwell, "Reiki is a simple yet highly effective healing touch modality. The practitioner channels healing balancing energy to the recipient. Due to the nature of this process, Reiki can help with a variety of ailments/issues - from simple headaches and injuries to chronic diseases". Here's a recent article from the Atlantic Magazine which gives a great overview on Reiki and its healing power: "Reiki Can't Possibly Work. So Why Does It? The energy therapy is now available in many hospitals. What its ascendance says about shifts in how American patients and doctors think about health care. Here's an excerpt from the article: Over the past two decades, a number of studies have shown that Reiki treatments help diminish the negative side effects of chemotherapy, improve surgical outcomes, regulate the autonomic nervous system, and dramatically alter people’s experience of physical and emotional pain associated with illness. But no conclusive, peer-reviewed study has explained its mechanisms, much less confirmed the existence of a healing energy that passes between bodies on command. Nevertheless, Reiki treatment, training, and education are now available at many esteemed hospitals in the United States, including Memorial Sloan Kettering, Cleveland Clinic, New York Presbyterian, the Yale Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, and Brigham and Women’s Hospital. Fascinating right?? You can read the full article here: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2020/04/reiki-cant-possibly-work-so-why-does-it/606808/ I'm sharing this so you have another healing modality as an option if you ever need it. If you would like to try Reiki, contact Stewart Maxwell who is based here in Kingston: sjmax_2002@yahoo.com, (876) 820-6711. Cost for one hour Reiki treatment is $6,000.00.

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